Clan Donnachaidh Youth Project


s of 1 Januauary, 2011, Youth Membership certificates have been mailed to the sponsoring parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles of Clan Donnachaidh’s first 611 Youth Members. Under this program, all children who have been sponsored are eligible for membership without charge until the age of 21 and will receive a beautiful 8½" by 11" Youth Certificate suitable for framing.

This program is for boys and girls under the age of 21.

It is anticipated that the program will give each Youth Member an appreciation of not only Clan Donnachaidh, but also the important role Scotland has played in shaping the world as we know it today. Our hope is that, with an early knowledge of and pride in their highland heritage, they will return to the Society later in life as family and fortunes permit.

In the meantime, urge them to visit our website and read the Stories and History sections.


e, at the Florida branch of Clan Donnachaidh, feel that including the children is a vital part of celebrating our Scottish heritage. After all, the children are the future of our clan.

This year, we have made extra efforts to provide a special area in our clan tent for the children. Lori Santillana, Director for Central/East Florida, presented the idea of providing a table within the tent which would include pages of Scottish related pictures for the children to color. They can then take the picture home as a remembrance of the day. There are pictures of a piper, highland cows and sheep, the thistle, mountain fairies, a smiling “Nessie”, castles, etc., with crayons and brightly hued markers to occupy and delight the youngsters. This gives the parents time to look through the historical books and to meet other members who have gathered at the tent. It also presents the opportunity to provide a friendly invitation of membership. On many occasions, as membership is being discussed, the parents or grandparents are thrilled to learn they can use this information, along with the Youth Certificate, to teach the young ones about their Scottish heritage.

The children of our branch have received 100+ of the beautifully crafted Youth Certificates over the last few years. Another of our projects for this year is to contact those who are now over 21 years of age to encourage them toward full membership. Here is the perfect list of future members.

Please see a photo of our children’s table at the tent with two youngsters having fun coloring the pictures.

We encourage the other branches to adopt this activity. If we can be of help, please contact us at:

Christy Duncan Lange, Secretary, IVC
Clan Donnachaidh Society of Florida