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Scottish Charity No. SC044296

Alexander Gilbert Haldane Robertson of Struan was born in 1938. He was the youngest of four children, and only son, of Langton George Duncan Haldane Robertson of Struan and his wife, Laurie. He succeeded his father as chief of Clan Donnachaidh in 1983.

Struan studied electrical engineering at Edinburgh University (1957-61) and then, having become interested in the application of mathematical models to management, …..

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Please take a moment to read the history of our great clan, considered by many historians to be the oldest in Scotland; visit the scenes of our Clan territory in Perthshire, jewel of the Scottish Highlands; check out our DNA project which is connecting us to our ancestors; and read about our annual pilgrimage from around the world to our Society's Annual General Meeting in Pitlochry. Then, if you like what you've seen, click on the Clan Donnachaidh Society Application link below or on the Society page and follow the directions to join. We'd like to have you with us!

Names associated with Clan Donnachaidh

Collier - Colyear - Connochie - Conochie - Cunnison - Dobbie - Dobbin - Dobie - Dobieson - Dobinson - Dobson - Donachie - Donachy - Duncan - Duncanson - Dunnachie
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The Clan Donnachaidh has become a member of 'The Association of Highland Clans'. Secretary - Anne Maclean of Dochgarroch - eMail

AGM - Fri 9th Sep 2016. Events for the Gathering will be from Wed 7th to Sun 11th Sep.

The Sword of Donald Robertson of Woodsheal. A report by Paul Macdonald, Swordmaker.

Further information on the AGM & Clan Gathering

CLAN GATHERING - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - DNA meeting is at 7pm on Thursday 8th in the TRYST. Donald's talk on 'St .Kilda : Islands At The End Of The World' is at 7pm on Sunday 11th in the TRYST.