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2023 Gathering - one for the ages.

What a wonderful gathering this year. Thanks so much to those that worked so hard to organise it again and make it such a success. It was really good to see so many from Scotland and from aboard who were able to come and renew friendships and make new ones. Real highlights included the younger members go-karting and gorge walking in the Bruar. They also completed at the Kinloch Rannoch games hill race but Heather stood out again as our clan athlete in the heavy events. Unfortunately we lost the tug of war to the village team but in truth I think they deserved the win. Thank you to the organisers for letting us be there. The dinner was again excellent and really pleased to see Stephanie Robertson receive the Honoured Clansperson award for all her hard work that she does for us. It was a privilege to have Lord Robertson with us again as our Honorary President.

As always the best part of the gathering was the informal parts, catching up, meeting new members and just spending time together. For me, this is what is so special about our Clan, I can't think of any other way I would be meeting with family and kin from so many different places with whom there is a special, magical bond that comes from a history that we share. I've no idea why it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up to hear Billy pipe by the gravestones of our ancestors, or to see the Standard flying on the museum, or the Rocky Mountains branch cheering our war cry definingly loud, but it does!

Already missing everyone and looking forward to next year.

Alasdair Robertson of Drumachuine.

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Hello all! Speaking from the Rocky Mountains I want to say we had a wonderful time and definitely created memories of a lifetime with you all, our beloved Clan. In reading Alasdair‘s post it brought tears to my eyes as I also have the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when ever I am among the Clan in our Clan lands cheering and throwing and gathering. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of something so great and am honored every time I step onto the field wearing our Tartan, my strength is in my roots and you all make them stronger. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you all again next year (god willing) until…

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